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STWG 2012 Tools Breakout Group

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This group engaged in a discussion about tools that they use/used or would wish to have as part of their digital practice. This evolved into defining a series of issues and lessons.


1. Start simple and build - don't try to do too much, too big, too fast

2. Limit scope and find other services to work with - e.g. point to a place name but leave unqualified

3. Simplify and Solve

4. Using regular expressions as a simpler means of matching but allowing for sophisticated fuzziness

5. How can we model for 'vectors of intensity' - impact - thinking about what we really want to do with what time and space tell us.

6. Hope to be able to fix to some spatial reference but to allow it to float both in time an space - collabourative pegging by the user.

7. Finding a way of encapsulating ambiguity and uncertainty in metadata itself

8. Everyone still looking for all seeing, all knowing digital gazateer

9. How do we model for movement, trajectory, fluidity and momentum of events and ideas?

10. Approaching some iterative process that allow us to revisit and allow projects to remain evolving - new tools allow older projects to evolve...how to stop stasis

11. Really getting a firm approach on authenticity and authority - embedding in metadata - allowing for consumer judgement of what parameters will suit - over engineering.

12. The challenge of romanisation of placenames and emerging gazetteers that attempt it but while represented as authoritative machine generated become privileged.



One of the bigger issues was the idea that really we want what we want when we need it and there are varying degrees of specificity - quantum spatial referencing - degrees of certainty - making the provenance obvious and judgeable by the consumer.


Tools cited: GeoTWAIN



Balancing the negotiation between the digital versus the analogue approach to dealing with place - reminded of placial trend

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